Thursday, May 20, 2010

I think I am fallen in love

Waiting is such a pain. I'm waiting for my menstrual cycle to end in a week but apparently this time waiting is really dragging me. I feel a little shaky this week, feeling myself fragile and easily crumbled with challenges to come, just suddenly my confidence was like taken away forcefully from me. Usually at other day, when I am this state, I just turn to the words of Allah, reciting it out loud, and as soon as i finish reciting Sadaqallahulazim, which means Allah's words are true. I felt the utter most tranquility, i feel the strength, I gain my confidence, I get back my smile and I'm ready to go ahead to face the challenge. That is what I miss, the verses recited, it just vibrated throughout my veins, i feel the existence of strength, it's so beautiful. And I'm waiting anxiously, for the time to go by, fast, so that i can held it again in my hands, reciting it again to Allah, and talking again to Him, to have just a conversation with Him.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Confession of a House wife

The first time I used the lumiglow cream is because of the beauty benefits that i can get just from a cream. The anti aging effect, whitens our face without even worrying skin peeling effect, reduce our weight, waistline and thigh, and to stabilize our body hormone. Who would have thought I conceived because of this cream?
   I come from family background where getting conceived is not an issue. After I got married, I'm gaining weight beyond anything else, friends and family were so surprised of me, they were thinking whether I was pregnant but i wasn't. My clothes don't fit like they used to. I'm having trouble even since wearing the clothes I want to but I can't because of the weight issue. I also think that I was unable to get pregnant because of my weight issue and my progesterone hormone was not normal.
  Then when I heard about the magnificent cream and the workshop i have to attend so that I can get maximum result of the benefits. It's weird, you know, You applied the cream on every other part of your body but not on your face if you want to get that anti-aging youthful effect on your face. Another benefit that i know, it can make you getting pregnant easily. So I use it, apply it to the places where I was taught to, then just a jar using the cream, my menstrual period becoming normal again, only a week, not 2 weeks like before! and I thought that was the only surprise that i get from using this cream. Just after the particular cycle of the month, I was feeling weird at my tummy, I took breakfast but I vomit. My husband bought the pregnancy kit test, and it shown positive! How happy I was!
   I stopped using it then until I have delivered my second child, I started using it again.
   I have experienced myself the tremendous result of getting me conceived. Now I want to experience myself the benefit of reducing my postnatal weight. The cream certainly fulfills it promises to the users. I seen myself i can where clothes during my university years, i can see myself on the mirror, I have waistline which I did not see it there before, my pants are not tight anymore, because my hips are becoming smaller. I have faith that I can get to my ideal weight.
  I really love this product very much, and i want to share it to the world. and I'm really you'll be surprised of how the cream can do for you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The be$t i$ $till to come

I think my smile is getting bigger and bigger after this. After I loss some earning due to my stupid and careless mistake of putting wrong amount in my auction site, I automatically get a repeat buyer that willing to give me my first positive feedback. Yahooo! I'm so happy. I'm feeling like want to celebrate it big time, throwing it a party of celebration but that's just plain too much. Though it's just a small simple feedback but it means the world to me. Especially I'm a newbie in this thing. It does make it worthwhile to loss a little and gain a lot.
  I think back, few days ago when I was not quite sure whether this thing gives me a fruitful earning, I turn to the words of Allah. I practise what I have been preached: Quranic Law of Attraction, whenever we have questions and we have doubts, or anything, just open up a page, any page, and read it out loud in the most  beautiful tone and tajwid,  as if you were talking to Allah, asking for guidance, an answer to your misery,  read the translation and bam! you got an answer, there and then. NO delays. So, i did exactly like that, I came to a verse saying there will be a reward for my patience. Thus, patience is what I'm wearing right now, challenges occur, testing me to see me worthy of the end result. Finally i get the most sweet victory of all. The core and essence of a vanilla pod. sweet smelling, sweet tasting, and long lasting.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It certainly pay$ off!

Yesterday, I got a slap from reality check. Whoa!!! Let me tell you, it wasn't a good. But, for the first time in my life, I'm not down with it, instead I was thankful to Allah because He has chosen me to face this challenge, and I'm happy with it. Weird, but it sincerely entirely true! If i would have faced this kind of situation back before I knew the knowledge of Secret or Quranic Law of attraction, I would not be as grateful as this. It was like my path of life has been laid positively in front of me. First, I learned the knowledge of being positive and how important it is to implement it in your life, being tested with the situation that challenges your mind, your perseverance just to see whether you are worthy of receiving such gift from Allah.
And today, it pays off! I've been approved by the major advertiser who wants to advertise with me, and I got another buyer from my auction site. It's like a rainbow's end fallen on me. :). Thank You Allah! I can't thank You enough. You gave me so much more then when I wasn't realize how You really care for this servant. & You're still giving me more & more. Thank You! ALHAMDULILLAH!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Your day ends well when you start it well!

Yes, as what it's stated above, it's true because it is basically the law of attraction. Your body itself has energy and it also has magnetic power to absorb all powers on earth as long as the mind is thinking. If you think good, then it's the GOOD energy will be absorbed and happening surround you. If it's BAD, then it will be likewise. Like in the Qur'an stated, Allah has promised us, that HE is what our mind perceive HIM to be, if we think HE is almighty and the sustainer. Then that will it be, and that will we receive in highest gratitude. If  to us, whenever we're facing all sorts of obstacle in life, then that is what we receive, frustration, disappointment and all the negativity in this world, and in the end, we are the to lose, blaming others for our failure. Just like the saying goes, "You are what you're mind wants you to be." it's just the same.
   At the beginning, i read the book entitled "Secret", stating that life, world, the positive and negative is actually can really happen in our lives as almost predicted to be. I now understand the reason why Allah forbid us to have bad thought and perception, or bad mouthing other people. It's is basically because He want to save us from being a victim of negative force. I don't know why, I just don't have that aura attraction in me. But when i read another book, with the same subject different title Qur'anic Law of Attraction, I can see that connection between Allah and me, the importance being attached to Him and the quality of a criteria worthy to become a resident of Heaven. That's why we been told to read the whole Surah Al-Waqiah every night, to become the quality of a resident in heaven and the luxurious life offered there, and that does apply the living of the earth. Because once we have achieved that inner happiness, we will feel that there is no need of complaining why life does not go the way we want it to be, instead we will be grateful because we deserve that part of challenge because of the goodness that is happening to us, plus that will be bestowed unto us if we succeed in overcoming the challenges.
   The book also encourage us to read & recite the Qur'an. To read: to understand its meaning and its purpose, to recite: to read it out loud in a melodious manner. Allah want us to talk to Him daily, so that we have our guidance to be renewed and rejuvenate every day. because He is with us every day, it's just we refuse to feel that presence.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My first item shipped to Switzerland.

Last night, i received my first ever payment for item i've sold on ebay. :). It was exciting, a totally new experience. Who would have thought I have my first customer from Switzerland? MOreover, I don't need to move to Switzerland to make business there. When I was just going through the auction account, just to familiarize the settings, tools inside it, I was surprised that I have a bid! I was thinking? did my eyes deceive me? No! it's real. I'm just so happy that within a week as a newbie in this industry, Allah has open the door for me! Alhamdulillah! As what I've read in the e-book of the person introduced my this new wave biz, I'm actually experiencing the same thing as he did. Smiling in front of my laptop late night alone, giggling, grinning like an insane person, because I've made my first sale to a person I have never met. I think i don't want to stop just there, I want to continue doing this because it feels so good, it brings a smile to my face, it's feel so uber as a lot people are using it now.  

Monday, May 3, 2010

Laura's coming to town

Laura's coming to town... Yes, Laura Calder the celebrity chef from french food at home, is coming to malaysia. Yahoo! and the cooking demo is RM150.00. I like her tv show, french food at home, the food looks so nice, the way she cooks looks like effortless, and you can still be beautiful even when cooking a cuisine.
   I will always try to make it a date when it comes to watching her show on air every monday, but if i can't make it in front of my tv on time, I am lucky enough to have reruns of her show again in the same channel. Though a lot of her recipe involves liquor and pork, but I never even care about that because you can easily substitute these ingredients with something else. There are a lot of sites and pages, on cooking of course, of what we can substitute our ingredients when we don't have a certain ingredient or we don't want to use that ingredient in our recipe.
  Ah... her kitchen! I've been dreaming to have that kind of kitchen. Exactly the same. It is ergonomically designed for cooks. and it's eco-green as well. the outdoor table dining, oh... it's just an ideal way to have a romantic dinner for two outside with a view everytime whenever we want of course.
  I hope that her visit to malaysia will be a pleasant one because Rob Rainford was certainly not having a good time while coming here. & the review that made me feel disappointed in him being a professional.

Towards a debt free Me

What i want to share today is, my blog has been deleted. HUH? I don't know for what reason, but i was informed by the blogger team, that my blog has been reported as spam. Bummer. I think maybe it was because i put my son's pic as my profile. my fault, silly me. Well, here I am again, creating another blog. Not to after some $ on click but want to share something that i know all along the way might all of my friends in becoming a positive person in the end. so that all good things come to them. I learn this act of virtue from a contact in a social network site. Sharing an opportunity of making a change in your life without expecting anything in return. I would like to call him as the sword of auctiva.
   Something about me, my name is Siti Rafidah binti Sabihim, i am 28 years old, female muslim, malaysian, married with a professional photographer named Kamarul Akhir bin Mohamed Zan. Having 2 children, Muhamad Harith Azizi, & Nur Aisyah Zahidah. Currently living in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. What do i do? working together with my husband in photography under the company name: MHAKA ENTERPRISE . My vision? To be so financially independent so that I can buy cars like I buy clothes. But of course, i want all my earning in a Halal Manner. Under the compliance of Syariah Law. Hmmm. I think that's all for today, i will again continue tomorrow.