Monday, May 17, 2010

Confession of a House wife

The first time I used the lumiglow cream is because of the beauty benefits that i can get just from a cream. The anti aging effect, whitens our face without even worrying skin peeling effect, reduce our weight, waistline and thigh, and to stabilize our body hormone. Who would have thought I conceived because of this cream?
   I come from family background where getting conceived is not an issue. After I got married, I'm gaining weight beyond anything else, friends and family were so surprised of me, they were thinking whether I was pregnant but i wasn't. My clothes don't fit like they used to. I'm having trouble even since wearing the clothes I want to but I can't because of the weight issue. I also think that I was unable to get pregnant because of my weight issue and my progesterone hormone was not normal.
  Then when I heard about the magnificent cream and the workshop i have to attend so that I can get maximum result of the benefits. It's weird, you know, You applied the cream on every other part of your body but not on your face if you want to get that anti-aging youthful effect on your face. Another benefit that i know, it can make you getting pregnant easily. So I use it, apply it to the places where I was taught to, then just a jar using the cream, my menstrual period becoming normal again, only a week, not 2 weeks like before! and I thought that was the only surprise that i get from using this cream. Just after the particular cycle of the month, I was feeling weird at my tummy, I took breakfast but I vomit. My husband bought the pregnancy kit test, and it shown positive! How happy I was!
   I stopped using it then until I have delivered my second child, I started using it again.
   I have experienced myself the tremendous result of getting me conceived. Now I want to experience myself the benefit of reducing my postnatal weight. The cream certainly fulfills it promises to the users. I seen myself i can where clothes during my university years, i can see myself on the mirror, I have waistline which I did not see it there before, my pants are not tight anymore, because my hips are becoming smaller. I have faith that I can get to my ideal weight.
  I really love this product very much, and i want to share it to the world. and I'm really you'll be surprised of how the cream can do for you.

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  1. Seriously it works sis? I'm dying to get myself a baby and i tried all kind of method to lose down my weight a bit. How much per bottle? No side effect eyh?