Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Your day ends well when you start it well!

Yes, as what it's stated above, it's true because it is basically the law of attraction. Your body itself has energy and it also has magnetic power to absorb all powers on earth as long as the mind is thinking. If you think good, then it's the GOOD energy will be absorbed and happening surround you. If it's BAD, then it will be likewise. Like in the Qur'an stated, Allah has promised us, that HE is what our mind perceive HIM to be, if we think HE is almighty and the sustainer. Then that will it be, and that will we receive in highest gratitude. If  to us, whenever we're facing all sorts of obstacle in life, then that is what we receive, frustration, disappointment and all the negativity in this world, and in the end, we are the to lose, blaming others for our failure. Just like the saying goes, "You are what you're mind wants you to be." it's just the same.
   At the beginning, i read the book entitled "Secret", stating that life, world, the positive and negative is actually can really happen in our lives as almost predicted to be. I now understand the reason why Allah forbid us to have bad thought and perception, or bad mouthing other people. It's is basically because He want to save us from being a victim of negative force. I don't know why, I just don't have that aura attraction in me. But when i read another book, with the same subject different title Qur'anic Law of Attraction, I can see that connection between Allah and me, the importance being attached to Him and the quality of a criteria worthy to become a resident of Heaven. That's why we been told to read the whole Surah Al-Waqiah every night, to become the quality of a resident in heaven and the luxurious life offered there, and that does apply the living of the earth. Because once we have achieved that inner happiness, we will feel that there is no need of complaining why life does not go the way we want it to be, instead we will be grateful because we deserve that part of challenge because of the goodness that is happening to us, plus that will be bestowed unto us if we succeed in overcoming the challenges.
   The book also encourage us to read & recite the Qur'an. To read: to understand its meaning and its purpose, to recite: to read it out loud in a melodious manner. Allah want us to talk to Him daily, so that we have our guidance to be renewed and rejuvenate every day. because He is with us every day, it's just we refuse to feel that presence.

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